Title Insurance: What is it and do I need it?

There are lots of pieces to the puzzle of a real estate transaction and about all of them are complicated.  It’s important to have good, scratch that, GREAT professionals on your team to help you get pre-approved for a mortgage, find a home, negotiate a good deal (whatever that means for your specific situation) on the home you buy, get your loan closed, and enjoy life.  Most people know about the Realtor and the loan officer but very few people know that the title company and its escrow officer play a very important role in the process as well.  As a lender, we rely on them to provide us with a title report that provides us with important information that we need in order to get the loan closed.  We also get title insurance from the title company based on the title report and the loan terms along with the purchase price of the home.  For more information on everything title-oriented, I interviewed my good friend Scott Halvorsen of ITS title to pick his brain.  Check out the interview in the video below – he’s incredibly knowledgable.