Tools for Realtors, Part Deux (two)

In the first part of this (at least) two part series, I talked about three tools for Realtors – you can read all about them here.  There are some other tools that can serve Realtors and their clients well that I did not include in my first post so here we go with Part II.

Top of Mind (the CRM my company uses)

The cool thing about Top of Mind is that it co-brands the agent and me when we are working on a transaction together and there are different ways that it works for us.  For clients who aren’t ready to buy just yet (maybe they need to work on some credit issues or save for a down payment or whatever), they go into a drip system that keeps us in touch with them.  I’ve had clients call me back 2+ years after being added to the system telling me that they think they are ready to go – in each of those cases I have pulled an updated credit report and got new income and asset documentation and they all had done what I told them to do and they qualified and we (my Realtor partner and I) kept the deal.  Thankfully, many clients are ready much sooner than 2 years, but it’s nice to know that we can stay top-of-mind for so long.

When a client is under contract, we send out fairly entertaining videos at seven different milestones of the loan process that is co-branded with the Realtor partner and me – this keeps them in the loop (in addition to the personal contact I have with them) and us at the top of their mind.

After the transaction has closed, we send them a small closing gift and a total of 33 touches for the next 5 years (birthdays, holidays, and loan anniversaries, among other things), all co-branded.  I’ve had clients come back to me three years after their initial close to get qualified for  a move-up home.  I just closed a loan recently for a repeat client who was in this system.

A system that will do these things is really fantastic but not necessarily ground-breaking.  What is ground-breaking is that you benefit from this tool with no cost when I do the loan for our mutual clients.

Rate Mastery

This great tool helps keep you and your buyers up to speed with regard to the direction of interest rates and the things (economic data, geo-political happenings, and more) that are impacting them.  Market commentary from a 40+ year bond expert is included with this tool and this is one more thing to provide your clients that the average Realtor doesn’t – it’s one more way to add value.

Locking the interest rate at the best time can save a client lots of money over the life of their loan and while it is definitely not an exact science, the version of this tool that I have gives me access to real-time mortgage bond candlestick charts, resistance and support levels, the RSI (Relative Strength Indicator), and moving averages which all help me give my best educated guess with regard to when the client should lock.  Having this tool is much better than just checking rates everyday and wondering why they are going up or down and what the likelihood is that they will either keep going in their current direction or turn and move the other way.  The charts aren’t fool proof as the market ultimately determines what the bonds do but more often than not they have helped me help the client make the best decision about locking.

Like the tool above, this one is also free.  If you would like to receive it either daily or weekly, I can set that up for you in short order.  I can also show you what it looks like if you would like to see that before you subscribe – just let me know what you would like by contacting me at 702-812-1214, 801-897-1737, or

Laser Measurer

Whether you represent buyers or sellers (or both), this handy, dandy laser measurer will help you accurately measure every room of a house with one hand.  Don’t rely on the listing agent’s measurements (unless you are the listing agent) or on Zillow,, or county records for that matter.  Verify the exact square footage for your client so that they get the most bang for their buck.  Here’s a link to the 65 foot version but if you spend a lot of time in $1mil+ mansions, you may want the 100 footer –

As always, feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything mortgage related:  702-812-1214, 801-897-1737 or